WizLens allows you virtually travel to everywhere around the world at anytime and talk to the people over there anytime.

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What is WizLens?

WizLens brings you to anywhere in the world and see what is happening over there.

You will see everything within 100 meters around you and happened within 1 hour.

You can Look and Share

Open , this is where you are or where you are interested in. Post a topic or picture to share with WizLeners what is happening here or any interesting stuffs. with someone or answer someone's questions. Unlock the place, you will be back to where you are. Lock the place, you will be locked at the chosen place. If you like the place, always remember to bookmark it. If you want other WizLeners know where you are, share your location with them.

At , besides to talk to others, you can find interesting groups and places , find who are here , and anything else WizLeners left here .

What is happening over there?

Open , find the place you are interested in from the map , name of the place or name of the user . Searching from the map is easy. Either through autocompleted keyword search or clicking on the map, then go to the place .

Never lose track with your interests.

All your active conversations, bookmarked places and own created places are well stored in .

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